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Look Who's Back Response

The other character that I hate the most has to be Fabian Sawatzki as he is just using Hitler to try and get his job back instead of realizing the dangers as well as how terrible it looks on him to be associating with him until the end of the film which is very predictable. He also is very dry and adds to the drawn out plot which is extremely boring. He provides little comic relief as he is a pretty bland character. Hitler brings most of the comedy himself just based on the fact he is out of his time period. I feel as though Fabian could be so much more and fails to live up to the potential of the character he is supposed to be in this film, I honestly feel as though if he was an employee for me he would never get hired back as he is pretty insane. He is super self centered as well which is not a good look on his character as it leads to problems for many others in this film.

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