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After reading Trust me I'm Lying by Ryan Holiday there were many interesting topics that he brings up. One of the most important things that he brings up is that the "THE NEWS—POISONED AT ITS SOURCE." (Holiday 13) What this means is that the news itself is already poisoned because the information cycle is already tampered with and used so that it is appealing to readers.I feel as though he extremely true as people do not realize how what they get their news from is really just what they like to hear or read about. Another important thing Holiday brings up in part one is the following quote " Political blogs need things to cover; traffic increases during election" (Holiday 16) This is an important thing as during election periods traffic or viewers of political news blogs increases, this shows that people need to be told what to view and what to talk about as the election causes people to care about political blogs. Finally Holiday says that you need to use technology against itself. This is interesting because what he is getting at is that you need to use technology to combat technology which on the the surface can make some sense but it also is a confusing topic because you may not be able to fight technology with some kinds of the same technology.

Holiday, Ryan. Trust Me, I'm Lying (p. 13). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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