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Bad News game

After playing the Bad News game I feel confused but also educated on what is real and what is Fake news. the game was about trying to gain followers on twitter by posting a bunch of fake news and memes.I would say some parts of the game are more realistic than others such as the bots are definitely used today to spread more fake news. While at the same time some of the things that gained followers definitely is not going to happen in real life. I liked the game as it really made you think like a troll because you wanted to pick the most argument inducing and controversial yet realistic topic to tweet about so that you would gain followers. I noticed about myself as a player that I sometimes over thought the game and tried to pick the one sounding realistic instead of the option that would cause the most debate. Finally after playing this game I have learned that fake news is everywhere on the internet and you have to check who is tweeting what and wether the source is reliable before you take it as a fact.

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